How-To Enable Trusted Locations in Office 2010

Modified on: 2014-06-11 11:50:03 -0400


When attempting to open a Microsoft Word document you receive the following window.


Solution - Detailed Steps

We must enable a "Trusted Location" where Microsoft Word 2010 will allow us to open this document. This can be any directory that you choose but the Desktop is the quickest and easiest to remember.


1. With Microsoft Word 2010 open click the File Tab


2. Click Options

3. Click Trust Center

4. Click Trust Center Settings…




5. Click Trusted Locations

6. Click Add new location…

7. Click Browse…


8. Select Desktop on the left

9. Click OK


10. Keep clicking OK to close all open windows

11. Place any file that required special permission to open on the desktop

12. Open as a normal Word document 

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